Wisline Pierre #040 

Birthdate: Mar. 08, 1995

When I came to Place of Hope I was very ill and had to be taken to the doctor many times.  I had such pain in my side, but everyone prayed for me and I was healed. I am still very well today.I am not an orphan, but I was born deaf, so my mother never heard me say her name. I was never able to go to school and I never heard any sounds until Pastor John Summers came to Haiti and Place of Hope with used hearing aids. These aids were his son’s hearing aids at one time.  When he put them on me I could hear every sound. It was so loud I could hardly stand it.  I now hear very well with the new hearing aids Pastor John brought me.  I am in the deaf school Pastor John started and am learning ASL sign language very fast. I am beginning to be able to understand things much better. Pastor John even brought sewing machines for us and taught me how to sew for the first time ever. I am so grateful and thankful for Andre, Angie, and Place of Hope.  I have made many new friends and everyone is like my own family now. I love when Pastor John comes to see his great grandchildren. I love going to our church here.  I do not understand the messages yet, but I know to pray and trust God who is with me.