Kenny Cadet #091 


My name is Kenny Cadet and I am 5yrs old. I have one brother and one sister. I do not remember my parents. I know how it feels to be hungry all the time. My parents could not keep me, so I would stay with anyone who would take me in at the time. Juno brought me to Place of Hope, so I could be well taken care of. I have now gained a new father figure, Junior, and am forever grateful. At Place of Hope, I have the best care in the world. I am in the kindergarten class here at the orphanage and my teacher tells us about Jesus. I love learning songs about him. I also go to the new church and try to pray. I thank Jesus for bringing me here. I wish everybody could come here and see how wonderful it is to have a family and be able to play games with others. I want to be a doctor when I grow up.Thank you for what you do to help us here at Place of Hope. Please think of me in your prayers.Favorite Hobby: play cars Favorite Bible Story: story of Deborah