Aliciane Marie Jeudi #037 

Birthdate: May 27, 2003

My name is Aliciane Marie. I have two brothers and one sister. When I was still at home, I had a bad illness on my feet and my dad could not afford to send me to the hospital for treatment. I lived in miserable conditions. When my father died, my mother could no longer take care of me, so Juno took me to Place of Hope. Miss Wilma and Juno took me to the hospital when I arrived at the orphanage and my feet healed quickly. I’ve been at Place of Hope since 2011 and I love it here. I now have good food to eat and can go to school. My favorite thing to do is  helping Miss Wilna cook in the kitchen. I also love going to church. Some day, it would be nice to have brand new shoes. For now, I wear used things that people from America send to the orphanage. When I grow up I want to be a nurse, so I can help others! My goal is to receive a good education and go to college to prepare myself for whatever God calls me to do. I fully trust in Him. Favorite Verse: Psalm 94 Needs: shoes and a wristwatch

Aliciane Marie has a Full Sponsorship