Calebe Jean Louis #038 

Birthdate: Aug. 01, 1999

My situation, as a small child, was very critical.  My parents did not have a job or any food at home, so I had to go out and find friends who would give me food.  My friends did not have much food either, so I was always very hungry and unable to go to school or sleep in a bed.  Pastor Vilnor, a well-known pastor in Haiti, came to my house to rescue me from poverty.  He took me to the orphanage at Place of Hope where I have lived ever since. Every aspect of my life has changed. I love Pastor John who has given so much to me. He has given me a pair of slim leg jeans and under shorts, plus nice trouser shorts and socks.  He also gave me his own new pair of shoes since we both wear the same size. He has taught me some things about computer as well. I would really like to learn more and continue to develop my skills. My goal is to study mechanics at the university and one day have a job here in Haiti that allows me to help the many other children living like I was. I really enjoy worshipping God.

Calebe Jean Louis has a Full Sponsorship