Darline Rose Nestor #023 

Birthdate: Feb. 26, 2007

My name is Darline Rose Nestor and my birthday is February 26. I have a mother and four brothers. My life was not good before I came to Place of Hope. I was always hungry and had to beg for food. For many days I would wish for something to eat. Juno came to bring me to Place of Hope so that I could go to school. I am very happy to be one of the orphans here at the orphanage. My favorite thing about POH is school and I love to learn new things. My favorite game is hide and seek! I love the stories that our grandfather, Pastor John, tells when he is here.My favorite book in the bible is Matthew. When I grow up I would like to become a nurse. Andre is my father now and when Angie, his wife, comes to visit, she is a mother and hugs and kisses me. This reassures me that I am wanted.