Nestor Junelson #074 


My name is Nestor Junelson and I’m very shy.  I have two brothers and one sister. When I was asked how old I was, I didn’t know. I’m not sure how I came to Place of Hope either. I have been here two years now and it is a wonderful home, which is something I never had before. I thank God for all the people in Canada and America who help Andre and Angie provide us with food, clothing, housing, and an education. Without them I would just be a beggar on the streets. My favorite thing to do is go to school and learn new things. In my free time I enjoy playing with toy cars.I am learning very fast and have a great desire to do well in school. Someday, I hope to go to the university here and learn a good trade so I can manage living on my own.   Please pray for me and ask God to help me know Him. Needs: clothing and shoes for church

Nestor is Partially Sponsored. (Daily Needs)