Sabine Jean #101 

Birthdate: Nov. 18 2009

My name is Sabine Jean. I have three sisters and two brothers. I do have a mother and father, but they could not take care of me, so Juno brought me to Place of Hope. I have not been at Place of Hope very long, but I immediately felt right at home. Prior to coming to POH, I was alone, had no home, and was always hungry. My parents were very poor and had no jobs to make money. I would often times rely on other friends for food. I am so thankful for Andre and Angie who help make our home possible. Without them I would be begging on the street. Now I have good food, a nice bed, and am in kindergarten. Every day we begin school with a prayer and songs of God.I love it here. My favorite thing to do is  play with my friends. I also love attending church and learning about the bible.  I want to continue to get to know God better and someday accept Him as my savior.When I grow up I want to be a nurse, so I can help others.