Samantha Marie Baptiste #097 


I live at Place of Hope in Haiti. My parents could not feed or send me to school so they brought me to the orphanage here. I am very happy to be here because I no longer have to go hungry and can receive an education through the school here at Place of Hope.Papa Andre and Mama Angie are just like parents to me and I love them very much. I learn about Jesus in the big new church that Pastor John’s church and Bay Church helped build and furnish.  We go there to sing songs about God and pray together. I now know that God loves me very much.  I very thankful for Miss Wilna, our Housemother, as well as Denia, Junior, and Meschac who are like big brothers and sisters to me. To be a good student, I am studying hard so I can one day be a teacher myself and provide an education to other Haitian children in need.

Samantha Marie Baptiste has a Full Sponsorship