Tasseline Cadet #036 

Birthdate: Nov. 29, 2003

My name is Tessaline Cadet. I have a father, mother, three brothers, and two sisters. My parents were very poor, could not take care of me, and had no way to send me to school to get an education. God was so good to me when he sent me to the orphanage at Place of Hope in 2010. I now have clothes and shoes to were, as well as a school to attend.  When I pray, I pray for everyone who makes it possible for me to live at Place Of Hope. I love going to our new church here on the mountain and am so grateful for those who helped build it. God has done marvelous things for all of us here. Our housemother, Wilna, works very hard. Gardening is my favorite thing to do around the orphanage. We all try to be helpers, but Ms. Denie, Junior, and Meschac go over and beyond. I pray for them always.  I would like to be a teacher, nurse, or even a doctor. God will show me some day exactly what he wants me to do.Thank you for your interest and help with finances so we can have a good life here. Favorite Bible Character: Moses Favorite Scripture: Daniel 3:17 Needs: clothing and shoes

Tesseline has a Full Sponsorship