Yvena Jn. Baptise #052 

Birthdate: March 05, 1998

God has been very good to me.  I was once very sick and thought I was going to die. Although doctors had given up on me, I was healed through the prayers of others. I thank God every day for his mercies and love.  Now I belong to Him and will serve Him as long as I live.  I am so grateful to God that I have a wonderful home and family here at Place of Hope. Our family is big, but we all get along with each other. Papa Andre and Angie are our true parents when they come. I am grateful that many people in America have helped fund and take care of the children and POH campus.  We cannot thank you enough, U.S.A.  I would love newer clothing, good shoes, and things for my hair.  I have no money or parents to help me, but I want to continue my education after I graduate High School so I can one day have a good job that helps others.