Yves Naelle Jean Baptise #046 

Birthdate: Aug. 01, 2002

My mother is Miss Wilna, the housemother here at Place of Hope.  My mother was also an orphan, raised and educated by our father Andre Forges. I have lived at place of Hope all my life.  I once suffered from a high fever for a long time. This caused me to become very thin. One day, while praying with others, I asked God to please heal me. I asked: “Are you going to let your daughter die?” God answer my prayers and I was healed. During that hard time, my love for God greatly increased. I continue to thank him every single day for Place of Hope and the hope and healing I have found here. I am thirteen years old now and am so happy to be living at the orphanage. Every day, I am provided with good food and an education. As I grow up, I need more nice clothing and shoes. I would also like shiny clips for my hair when I attend the church here on the campus.