Donald Dorvil #051 


I was born deaf and with no family to care for me. My only uncle also died. One day God sent Pastor John Summers to the orphanage just because of me. He brought some of his own son’s old hearing aids and put two of them in my ears. I could hear sounds for the first time in my life. After Pastor John and father Andre started the deaf school, I was able to start attending school.  Mr. Linsey is our teacher. I am learning sign language and how to read and write in English and French. I do not do the best in the school, so please pray for me. Pastor John is my special friend and I like to sit close to him and hug him. I made his kite and many others out of scraps I found around the orphanage. The electricians gave me a piece of scrap electrical wire. I took the filament out and tied them together to make a string.  My kite flies very high and Pastor John is proud of what I have done. Andre is also so good to me, but I have to be disciplined at times.

Donald has a Full Sponsorship