How We Help

For children

Amidst a compassionate embrace, the ‘Home for Children’ in Haiti serves as a nurturing haven, offering solace and unwavering support to vulnerable youth. Beyond its physical confines, it resonates with stability, affection, and a deep sense of belonging, fostering healing, growth, and life skills development. Each child finds refuge in a compassionate community, empowering them not just to survive, but to flourish. Within these walls, laughter blends with resilience, transforming darkness into light, nurturing potential, and fostering unity. The Place of Hope in Haiti embodies a promise and a beacon of hope, laying the foundation for a brighter future, one compassionate gesture at a time.


Education forms the core of our mission in Haiti, embodying our resolute commitment to empowering children and fostering self-sustaining communities. We hold unwaveringly to the belief that knowledge is an illuminating force, nurturing resilience and igniting paths to a better life. Beyond academics, our meticulously crafted programs instill the spirit of empowerment, equipping young minds to excel academically and surmount challenges with the tenacity of creators.

In the classrooms we forge, a brighter future takes root, disrupting the cycle of poverty. Each child who enters these halls not only receives textbooks but also the keys to unlock their potential. Our symphony of dedication and compassion creates an environment where every child can flourish, sowing seeds of progress that will bear fruit for generations. Together, we are sculpting a future painted with the vibrant hues of realized dreams, a testament to the transformative power of education in shaping lives and building a brighter world.

Deaf School

Born from a father’s unwavering love, Pastor John K. Summers, a luminary at 90 years, founded the “Paul Project,” a tribute to his son Paul, who was born deaf. This endeavor isn’t just a haven; it’s where deaf children’s voices find wings. In its nurturing embrace, sign language, reading, and writing are the pathways for unheard voices to flourish, bridging silence and communication. The motto “REACHING HIGHER” resonates here, where lives transform and destinies redefine.

Within the Deaf Center’s mosaic lies the tale of a 16-year-old girl from a mountain village, unacquainted with schooling until she found Place of Hope in Haiti. Enveloped by its embrace, she blossomed into a language maestro, her voice overcoming the silence. Pastor Summers’ legacy, the “Paul Project,” transcends words, embodying a father’s devotion and empowerment. A symphony of hearts, this legacy plays for every Paul, celebrating boundless parental love.

Hope Church

Nestled within our vibrant community, Hope Church stands as a radiant beacon guiding lives through life’s challenges. Its walls embrace a transformative sanctuary, nurturing souls amidst a tapestry of care. The symphony of young hearts resonates with unquenchable passion, each smile and gesture weaving a masterpiece of compassion that echoes beyond words. Pastors bridge gaps, uniting hearts across cultures, extending their souls to connect with Place of Hope in Haiti’s children and our local neighborhood. This unity forms a vibrant tapestry, reverberating through community outreach and echoing with hope. Through life’s milestones, Hope Church guides, witnessing unions and baptisms, illuminating services, and nurturing spiritual growth.

Beyond bricks and mortar, Hope Church’s reach extends. Its impact is felt in nourished children and grateful families, providing sustenance for body and spirit. A steadfast pillar of transformation, faith, and commitment, the church ensures that every gesture embodies the vibrant faith guiding our steps. This isn’t just a building; it’s a canvas woven from dreams, a sanctuary where devotion converges, painting a brighter tomorrow on the canvas of today.

Vocational School

In the heart of our haven, Place of Hope in Haiti has given life to a vocational school, celebrating the belief that diverse paths lead to success and fulfillment. Beyond traditional education, we champion practical skills, nurturing self-sufficiency. Amidst our embrace, students emerge with skills that resonate in the local economy. Our halls echo with the symphony of sewing machines, computer keystrokes, carpentry tools, agrarian pursuits, and auto mechanics, each note contributing to the harmonious tune of our students’ achievements.


Our tapestry of education weaves empowerment. In sewing, students master pattern making and machine work, creating fabric visions. In computer technology, determination crafts digital landscapes, code shaping dreams on screens. Woodworking transforms hands into carpentry wizards, while agronomy imparts the balance of planting and reaping. Animals become teachers of caregiving, and auto mechanics unveil the wizardry of small engines. Every lesson nurtures mind and spirit, igniting passions, stoking independence, and propelling students towards futures where they shape destinies. It’s a symphony of diversity and potential, a sanctuary where dreams thrive in each step of learning.