Imagine a place where kids feel they have a family of brothers and sisters, food on the table, parental love, an education.  Above all, they have a spiritual home where they hear about Jesus and come to know Him personally.


Welcome to Place of Hope in Haiti

Where is Place of Hope in Haiti exactly?

Welcome to Les Cayes

Stats about Les Cayes

  • Founded 1786
  • Population 125,799
  • Located in the Sud Region
  • Is the closest city to our campus
  • Les Cayes is Haiti’s leading southern port, exporting coffee and sugarcane and is the world's largest supplier of vetiver, an ingredient for perfume and fragrance manufacturing. Other exports include bananas and timber.

I was one of Andre and Ange’s first orphaned children. They raised me as their own and now I have two girls of my own and give back by being the “house mother” to all of the children at Place of Hope in Haiti. Thank you for helping us love and raise the amazing children we are privileged to take care of.

Wilna Staff September 5, 2019

Growing up at Place of Hope in Haiti, I took every opportunity I could to learn about masonry as the campus buildings were built. In May of 2014, I graduated with a degree in masonry construction. Now, I own my own construction company and use my skills to provide for my mother who couldn’t take care of me as a child.

Wilson Petit-Frere Graduate October 17, 2019

Haiti holds a special place in my heart! Over the past seven years, I have had the privilege of traveling on nine trips to Place of Hope in Haiti. The relationships developed with the kids, the staff, and surrounding community have brought much joy and purpose to my life. It has been fulfilling to watch the kids grow and prosper, experience the orphanage evolve, and see their lives transforming.

Kristy D. Volunteer October 22, 2019

The Plan:

We invest your donation into long term efforts that help prepare children to lead the needed change in Haiti.

Provide quality education & vocational training

Instill faith based values and life skills

Remain a transparent, fiscally sound & efficient organization