Building a
Bright Future for Haiti
By Educating it's Children

Educate a Child Now The Core Problem

We know you want to change the lives of children in Haiti.
For that to happen, you need a partner organization that is trustworthy and efficient.

In Haiti’s challenging economic environment, help does not reach children in need.



As a donor, this can leave you worried that your gift ends up is someone else’s pocket.

  • Poorest nation in the western hemisphere
  • 67% of Haitians do not have a stable job
  • Average annual income $1,700
  • 60% of children drop out before 6th grade

We believe that nothing should stand in the way of your donation impacting a child for the better.

Since 1989, we have been able to provide a safe campus and orphanage in Haiti and have seen thousands of children’s lives changed for the better.


Place of Hope in Haiti stewards every dollar to provide children a quality education in a safe environment.

The Plan:

We invest your donation into long term efforts that help prepare children to lead the needed change in Haiti.

Provide quality education & vocational training

Instill faith based values and life skills

Remain a transparent, fiscally sound & efficient organization

At the core of Haiti’s economic challenges is what we believe to be the “Big Elephant in the Room” – the issue of corruption that keeps help from getting in the right hands.


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