Rose Merlande Aubourg #007 

Birthdate: Oct. 26, 2006

I was born deaf and raised back in the mountains of Les Cayes. My parents are very poor, but so wonderful. I can play with other children, but have never been able to speak or go to school. One day, my parents brought me to Place of Hope after hearing about a pastor, John Summers, who was coming with used hearing aids. I was very, very frightened when I first saw him because I had never before seen a white man. When he tried to test me for hearing, I was very afraid and screamed and kicked. Pastor John eventually gave in and just sent a hearing aid home with my dad. After seeing some of my friends tried them painlessly I was willing to try again. I will still nervous, but Pastor John came back and gave me a doll. This helped. My parents heard that Pastor John had started a special school class for the deaf, so they decided to bring me to Place of Hope.  I now live here and love living with all the other children. I am a part of the Paul Project deaf class here at POH and I am learning sign language and how to read and write English, French and Creole. My parents and my grandma come to visit me when they can.  I have become a special friend of Pastor John’s and he has brought newer hearing aids that fit in my small ear canal. I am able to hear sounds around me and can say some words.  It is very hard, but I am l earning about Jesus and want to someday help other deaf people just like me. I am so grateful to God for all he has done.