Rose Michelle Nestor #080 

Birthdate: Jul. 9 2008

Before coming to Place of Hope I had a very poor quality of life.  I cannot even begin to explain what I went through. Thankfully, that is now of the past. At Place of Hope I attend school, eat well, and sleep in a real bed. Our new church is wonderful and we go twice a week to worship God and sing beautiful songs to Him, my Savior.  I am very happy to be one of the orphans here at the orphanage. I try to do my part to help Miss. Wilna as much as possible. All of us have special jobs to do every day just like in any other home.  Andre is my father now and when Angie, his wife, comes to visit, she is a mother and hugs and kisses me. This reassures me that I am wanted.  I do not know what my dream of the future is right now.