A 7.2 Earthquake hit Southwestern Haiti, 7.5 miles northeast of Saint-Louis-du-Sud

Affecting such communities as Jeremie and Les Cayes

Place of Hope in Haiti facility is located outside of Les Cayes.


What we need help with

Your donation will help us meet these needs

  • Help reconstruct a home for a family of six
  • Window screens throughout POH to keep bugs from invading POH at night.
  • Fortify part of the outer wall that was effected by the quake and tropical storm
  • Fix the cracks in the ceiling (Water seeps through when it rains)
  • Blankets
  • Backup generator

All our children are safe and unharmed. They and our staff are having to sleep outside right now, but with a tropical storm looming we are looking into other arrangements. There are some children from community who are staying with us for refuge.

Our facility sustained some damage: broken windows in the orphanage, computer lab has crack in the ceiling. The left side of the entrance to the orphanage is bending. We are currently assessing further damage.

We are asking for your support in our recovery efforts for not only our facility but also the surrounding communities. Your donations will go toward our recovery or to the recovery of the surrounding communities. Your generosity will go towards aiding those in our community with food, supplies and their medical needs.

Place of Hope in Haiti is a not-for-profit 501(c)3.

If you want more information please contact Andre at