It all starts with healing.

Medical Clinic For Children

Almost half the countries population has no access to health services. We provide general practitioner services, hearing and vision clinics, and partner with local providers to support a variety of medical needs.


We provide our children with:

  • Regular health checkups
  • Vision testing
  • Routine dental visits
  • Minor wound care
  • Referral and financial coverage for unique emergency and non-emergency services

Stats About Health Care in Haiti

  • The Haitian government spends only 4.4 percent of the national budget on public health care.

  • Lack of sufficient facilities. Many facilities were destroyed or damaged in the 2010 earthquake and in 2016 Hurricane.

  • There are 25 physicians and 11 nurses per 100,000 population.

  • Widespread malnutrition and epidemics such as cholera put a strain on their medical system.

  • Less than 20% of the population has access to health care.

  • Political unrest in the country has caused drug and equipment shortages.

The Plan:

We invest your donation into long term efforts that help prepare children to lead the needed change in Haiti.

Provide quality education & vocational training

Instill faith based values and life skills

Remain a transparent, fiscally sound & efficient organization