I would like to introduce you to one of our successful graduates Mikensley Jean. He has been with us since he was 1 year old. He is now 22. Over the years we have watched him grow, learn, and thrive to the young man he is today. We are very proud of him and his accomplishments.

In June and July, he received his acceptance letters from the Regent College of the Caribbean. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Theology with a minor in Business Management. This college is in Manchester, Jamacia.

Mikensly is now officially starting his in person education in Jamaica. Andre and Angie met up with him to get him acclimated in the area as well as provide any technology he would need to have a successful learning experience.

I spoke to him briefly before his flight to see how he was feeling. I could immediately tell that he has been practicing his English. “”Hello man, hello hello. Yes I’m in the airport man I’m in the airport!! Everything is okay and I’m doing really good.” Mikensly said in his whatapp voice message.

” That is good man!” I replied, “Andre and Angie are waiting for you. I hope you have a great time and I hope you get there safely”,

“Thank you, thank you I really appreciate that. He replied between chuckles. ”

“Are you Nervous? Eske ou santiou pe vwayaje? (Do you feel scared to travel?)”

“Non mwen pa pe, selman se premye fwa mwen pral nan yon avyon. M’pa konnen ki jan sa pral

ye nan syel la.” (No, I’m not scared. Only it’s the first time I’m going to be in a plane. I don’t

know how that’s going to be in the sky.)

I proceeded to reassure him that his trip is going to be safe quick and easy.

A Thank You from Mikensly

Place Of Hope allowed me to share with you my sincere thanks.
I want to thank everyone for being there for me on my trip to Jamaica.
I would like to send my warmest, most special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Forges
(A mother and father to me).
I express my deep gratitude to you all for all you do for me, With all my gratitude I
ask you to accept my thanks.
Because of you all I found myself in Jamaica thanks to your help, I thank you, may
the God of good grace bless you every day and I promise you I will do my best to
Thank you to everyone who contributed for my deportation and my arrival God
bless you too. Thank you and know that I love you.