On May 6-16 we sent a team of volunteers on a mission trip to Place of Hope in Haiti. The team consisted of Brian Hunter, Jim Madsen, James Madsen, Todah Destiny, and Sharon Sabo. They had a very exciting and productive trip. Here are some of the highlights.  

A large container of supplies arrived at POH. Shipping items to Place of Hope in Haiti is not an easy process, which involves customs and trucking the container from the port to POH. But alas it’s long journey is complete, and the unpacking has begun. The container held items like shop equipment, (carpentry, welding, auto mechanic) storage bins and hardware, toolboxes with hand tools, and building supplies. Also, in the container were:  clothing (129 boxes), used desktop computers (13 boxes), fabric and sewing supplies (7 boxes), school supplies (12 boxes) and three church pews. 

The Vocational School – Besides receiving necessary supplies and tools, the carpentry class set up began and the much-needed shelving was built.  Jim and James Madsen also worked with Andre and the teachers on plans for the future. 

Deaf School – Thanks to Todah Destiny they received the following items: 

* Number and Letter Games (Sign Language Book), Hand-held white boards
* (4) packs of Dry Markers, (2) Dry Marker Erasers, (2) Bottles of White Board Cleaning Spray, (1) pack of Dry Crayons for White Board
* (1) Oxford Picture Dictionary (English/Haitian Creole)
* (2) Paddles and Ball Sets, (1) 3-Ring Binder (w/laminated pages for handwriting prep skills),
* (4) colored containers, paper supplies, glue sticks, stickers, pencils, Basic Sign Vocabulary Flash Cards, pack of Sign Language Playing Cards, pack of National Geographic Animal Flash Cards. 

The Deaf School is also in need of these supplies: 

* Black Sharpies, Markers and Highlighters, Scotch Tape
* Dry Markers, A Variety of Children Books (in Haitian Creole)
* (7) 128 GB Flash Drives for each student (5) and teachers (2)
* Digital Camera with Video Capability
* Tripod for Digital Camera
* (2) Extra ScanDisks for Camera
* Educational Puzzles related to program areas (grammar, science, math, etc.)

Willys, with Hope for Haiti, visited POH and we worked on ways we can collaborate to fulfill the needs of those in Haiti. 

Several Volunteers did a short video describing their experience. You can watch those videos at Mission Trip. CLICK HERE to watch

If you are interested in joining us on a mission trip, contact Brian Hunter at placeofhopeinhaiti@gmail.com