What can you buy for a dollar? Here in the States, if you go to a dollar store you will find a whole selection of goods from household items to decorations, partyware and even some food products. 

In Haiti 1 US dollar ($) is equal to 65. 14 Haitian gourdes (G). What will that buy in Haiti? Well it varies but generally speaking you can buy 1lb of rice or any of these food items: 1 lb of apples, 2 lbs bananas, 2 lbs potatoes, 1 lb onions, 1 dozen eggs, 1lb local cheese, 1lb loaf white bread. Meat ranges from 213.89 G to 326.46 G a pound which is equal to $3.28 to $5.01. 

In Haiti, the average annual per capita income for a household is $350 and $409 in the urban areas. It is easy to see why 1 in 5 children are malnourished. That is why we started our “$1 Can Make A Difference” initiative.  One dollar can make a difference! It provides one meal for a child at Place of Hope in Haiti. 

It is easy to donate to this initiative. We have several options where you can make a difference in the life of a child at Place Of Hope In Haiti. You can donate $1 for 1 meal, $7 for 7 meals, $30 for 30 meals. You can donate one time or make a monthly recurring donation. All donations go directly to providing meals for our children. 

If you would like to donate, you may do so at $1 Can Make A Difference – Donate Now

We thank you as do all the children at Place Of Hope In Haiti!