Debora Dorval is one of our children who resides at Place of Hope in Haiti. This lovely young lady is 16 years old. Being a teenager is hard enough here in the States, but can you imagine what it is like for a 16-year-old in Haiti? Well Debora is not your ordinary teenager. She is highly trusted but all who know here, the other children as well as the staff. She has stepped into a leadership roll by being a big sister to the many younger children at Place of Hope in Haiti.

One of her favorite things to do is doing hair. She loves to do other people’s hair and is known for her talent. There are those who approach her because of her talent but she also will approach people and ask if they would her to do their hair. Her hobbies are reading and being outside with her friends.

As with all teenagers, she has dreams. She is interested in being a business owner, lawyer or doctor. Those are some big dreams and we at Place of Hope in Haiti are here to help her make her dreams come true. If you would like to help her as well. You can donate at  Educate a Child Now 

At Place of Hope in Haiti we not only provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care, spiritual development and education, but we give them a forever home where they are nurtured and loved to become independent individuals of society who will change the face of Haiti.