Every child who comes to Place Of Hope In Haiti has a story. We are so blessed that through the support of so many we are changing lives and providing a future for these children. Here are just a few of their stories. 

Donald was born deaf and as a result is also mute. Andre found him and brought him to Place Of Hope In Haiti. He was the first student in the deaf school. He is now learning a trade learning to fix old watches and jewelry to resell them. 

Albert was dropped off at Place Of Hope In Haiti. As he could not hear, we placed him in the deaf school. Pastor John discovered he could hear with hearing aids and began to speak in creole. Albert shared a story with us of how his grandmother abused him and cut off the end of his tongue.  He now attends academy classes with hearing students.  

Edson is one of 11 children in his family. He was born crossed eyed and with 6 fingers on each hand, 6 toes on each foot. He was living on the streets and had to fend for himself. He was able to have corrective surgery with the help of a sponsor and now is living at Place Of Hope In Haiti and getting an education. We hope to be able to provide corrective surgery for his eyes. 

These are just some of the stories. The lives of our children prior to coming to Place Of Hope In Haiti were tragic and many lived on the streets. Those with disabilities also suffer greatly. For many living at Place Of Hope In Haiti is the first time they slept in a bed, had clean clothes and hot nourishing meals. The education we provide will help them to become productive adults and help change the future of their country. At Place Of Hope In Haiti it is also about showing them love and learning about Jesus.

If you would like to help any of these children, you can donate at http://https://placeofhopeinhaiti.org/new/waystogive/