“POHIH can be proud of the part it has played in her success. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about her in the future. My congratulations to Yvena, Andre, Miss Wilna and all the staff at POHH. They all played a part.”   Louise  Manning (US sponsor)

Yvena Jean Baptist is creating excitement at Place of Hope, in Les Cayes and across Haiti.  Upon completion of high school, all students in Haiti are required to take a national bacaloreat exam.  Of the 67,313 students who took the exam on June 25, 2018, Yvena had the second highest score in the country.  She plans to attend the American University of the Caribbean, www.auc.edu.ht,  located in nearby Les Cayes, and will begin classes in September, studying business.  Ultimately, she hopes to transition into medicine.  Andre Forges, the founder of Place of Hope in Haiti, is assisting her in pursuing a scholarship, based on her standing in the exam, to offset the cost of tuition. If you are interested in helping with her further education or helping other children in her same situation, please contact Sharon Sabo