In Haiti many people struggle to meet just the basic needs of life. At Place of Hope in Haiti we are providing our children the tools they need so that they can have a brighter future. Julot Francois is one such child. At 14 years of age he is thriving thanks to your support.

He loves playing soccer with the other boys. His favorite professional team is Barcelona. Aside from normal classes, he is enrolled in our mechanic courses. It is his goal to become a mechanic when he is finishes school.  Julot recently discovered that he has an affinity for playing the piano. He is self-motivated and is teaching himself to play.  Sometimes he will play for some of the church services.

His self-motivation does not end there. In English class he will try to use English outside of the classroom. He struggles to get the words out at times, but it is his goal to be able to speak English with his friend JJ. Julot, like most his age his favorite foods are pizza, chicken and rice.

If you ever can travel to Place of Hope in Haiti, be sure you get to meet him. Although, he will probably seek you out first. We guarantee he will impress you.

If you would like to help Julot as he pursues his dreams, your support would be greatly appreciated. Visit Help Educate a Child.