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Many reading this probably feel your life is far removed from the experience of a child growing up in Haiti. Have you ever thought of what it would be like? As John Lennon said, “It’s easy if you try…”

What if you were born into a poor family, your mother died and your father had no interest in keeping you?

Your only other living relative is an uncle, but he is blind and unable to care for you.

What if you, as a small child, then had to live on the streets? Nowhere to sleep, no shoes on your feet, you have to beg for something to eat.

How would you feel and what would you do?

Then add in being born deaf. You’ve never heard a human voice and you cannot speak. What if you had no hope of an education?

But what if there was hope? More specifically, Place of Hope.

You find children just like you. You have food. You get an education.

Andre Forges, an orphan himself, cares for you and many other orphaned children – a story of God’s hope extended to someone like you.

Not only are you well cared-for… you have the chance to hear for the first time in your life! An older white man from America – something you’ve never seen before – outfits you with one of his own son’s old, yet powerful hearing aids.

The American also finds you a special teacher and started a special class, just for you. Sure it’s held outside in a carport, but it’s a class and you learn American Sign Language. You learn to read and write in English. And you can do math!

Your ‘what if’ exercise is Donald Dorval’s reality.

The 13-year-old is sponsored by Miss Julie Badhour, who sends $100 every month to help to pay for Donald’s needs of food and housing. She sends him new shoes and clothing.

Donald has never had a mother, until Miss Julie started taking care of him.

The ‘what if’ of Donald’s life has been turned into the greatest opportunity a child could have – care, safety, education… and the ability to hear.

There are more ‘Donalds’ out there. Many more.

Could you make their ‘what if’ a reality? Please join us at Place of Hope.