Something Greater
By D’jouly Mombrun

I was born in 1992 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Lived in Carrefour with my parents, my two older brothers and my twin sister. We were allowed to go to a couple places: school, church and some strolls around our neighborhood. Never got the opportunity to really explore my country and all its beauty. I was eight years old when my little brother was born and I enjoyed being mommy’s little helper. I’d feed him, change him, fan him to sleep, etc. My contribution gave me a sense of maturity and responsibility that matched my personality. I told my mother I’d love to become a pediatrician when I got older so I could take care of babies all day. Of course, life had other plans but I always envisioned myself taking care of and influencing children.

We moved to the States in 2003. I met Mr. and Mrs. Forges in the few years that followed. The two have always treated me like one of their own. As I got older, they’d always invite me to come to Haiti at every chance. This went on for years! I’d tell them I want to go, but the time never came. I knew about Place of Hope and all the great things they were doing for the community.

One random autumn evening after a deep and tearful conversation with a friend, I asked myself “what is holding you back?”. I began to realize everything I wanted to do, things I wished to experience and the changes I wanted to make were all at my disposal. I called the Forges the very next day and informed them I’d be ready to leave for Haiti in the next couple of months. This time they knew I was serious, and their excitement made me even more excited about my decision. It had been 15 years since I left my country, I was eager to get back to my roots. Moved to be a part of something greater. I am thrilled for the opportunity to dedicate my time and energy to my country, to change lives, and to change my own perspective. I knew there would be challenges, but I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way!

As displayed in the photo above, my love nature runs deep! I’m quick to pull out my phone to snap pictures at every occasion. The ocean might as well be my best friend, along with the beautiful mountains surrounding me. I love walking around Place of Hope, enjoying the site of all things green; the coconut trees, the mango trees, and the almonds trees that the children love so much. At night the view is breathtaking! Staring at the moon and the sky full of stars always take me back to my childhood.

I am extremely grateful for this experience. As I continue on this journey, I vow to stay consistent, humble, and open to change.