A Place of Hope in Haiti has been helping the children of Haiti who are either without parents or have parents who are unable to care for them since 1989. During that time Haiti has faced many challenges with politics, socio economics, and with natural disasters, yet through it all we have been a haven for these children who are helpless and clinging to hope for a brighter future.

Haiti is still recovering from the earthquake of 2010 and Hurricane Matthew of 2016 when another earthquake struck the island this year. The earthquake in 2010 affected an estimated three million people and killed more than 250,000 people. Over 1 million were left homeless and it caused between $7.8 billion and $8.5 billion in damage. An estimated 2.1 million people were affected by Hurricane Matthew with 1.4 million people needing humanitarian assistance. There were an estimated 546 deaths and $1.9 million in damages. The problems the Haitian people face include poverty, lack of clean water and sewage systems, poor education, low pay, lack of medical care and inadequate housing with 84% of the households in Haiti earning between $1.23 and $2.41 a day.

Over the years, Place Of Hope In Haiti has grown in the services we provide to children who have been most effected by the living conditions in Haiti. This year we have been able to provide our children and the surrounding communities with love, leadership, skills training, and employment opportunities.

It is through the generosity of people like you and our mission teams that the following achievements have been possible.

Hope Church

Our sanctuary holds 300 people and our weekly services are open to all. The local community has a great need to hear the word of our Lord, so we have hired a new Assistant Pastor to see to the spiritual needs of our children and those in the surrounding communities. We provided 7 couples with the funding and facilities for their own wedding. Regular bible classes are held for our children and for families in the surrounding communities.


We recently hired a Site Manager to oversee the day to day operations at Place of Hope in Haiti. We also have two teachers specifically for the 6 students who are deaf; the deaf and disabled are often abandoned by their families because of the challenges required to care for them. The teachers for our K-5 classes are all hired locally. We also provide the funds to send the older children to a public school. One of our children, Yvena Jn. Baptiste, recently placed 2nd out of 67,313 students who took the national baccalaureate exam that high school students must take. You can read more about her story here. 

There are currently 55 children who reside at Place of Hope in Haiti. They are taught responsibility by having to learn to cook, clean, wash clothes and other tasks. They are taught family values and how to live in harmony. They also learn how to farm and care for the goats and rabbits as well as tend to the vegetable gardens that are also on site.

 Site Improvements

  • We recently paved the entrance road to Place of Hope in Haiti for better access to our buildings. The children now have a smooth surface on which to ride their bikes and skateboards on!
  • Recently mission volunteers from Hope Church in Tennessee purchased and installed a new metal playset with swings for our children. They also installed new security lighting and a security building to ensure our children and staff are safe.
  • The vocational school received the tools needed so our children can learn a trade and have the skills needed to ensure a brighter future for them.

Special Events

We hold several events here in the Naples area through the year. This year we held our first Circle of Hope Dinner, our first Drive for Hope Golf Tournament, and our first 5 Mile Run For Hope. In August we collect, pack and send school supplies. In October we collected backpacks full of Christmas gifts for our children as well as the children of the surrounding communities. In February we pack and send 2lb bags of beans and rice that are given to the families living in the surrounding communities.

Place of Hope in Haiti is leading the way in providing for the children of Haiti who are often neglected, abandoned, or even discarded. We need partners here in the United States who would like to have a huge impact on not only in the daily life of a child but also by investing in their future to bring lasting change to Haiti.

Ways to Partner

We have several ways you can partner with us. All donations go directly to providing for the needs of our children.

  1. Contribute – to our $1 Can Make a Difference Program and sponsor a meal for a child.
  2. Sponsor a child for their either their Daily Needs, their Education, their Nutrition or a Full Sponsorship which Includes nutrition, daily needs, and education.
  3. Volunteer – If you are local and want to volunteer, please contact Sharon at Sharon.placeofhopeinhaiti@gmail.com
  4. Sponsor an event. If you would like information on being a sponsor of any of our events visit Partner

We are so blessed to have the support and generosity of people like you who believe that our children deserve a bright future. They will become the future leaders of Haiti, bringing about lasting change to the poorest country in the western hemisphere!