Haiti throughout their history has faced many adversities such as political turmoil, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. These are ongoing challenges that the people of Haiti face in their everyday lives. Their strength and resiliency is a testament to their love of their country and each other.

It is our goal to achieve better self-sufficiency.  In 2019 our focus is on electricity, improved agriculture and security.

Power – Our power is currently completely supplied by a generator.

  • We plan to upgrade the main cable to city power. The previous cable was above ground and damaged by hurricane Matthew. The new cable is run underground but requires connection to the electric company’s meter. The cost is estimated at $500
  • We plan to install solar panels, batteries, and an inverter system on the roof of our main orphanage building to supply constant power to this building. The cost for phase one of this project is $25,000. The subsequent phases will support the other buildings.
  • Complete the onsite storage of fuel for the generator. We have a 200-gallon storage tank that needs to be repaired. The cost to complete this project is $600 for a new hose and pump.



We currently have a dedicated area to the growing of fruit trees and other garden vegetables.  Better water drainage is required to protect these crops. Soil and planter boxes will cost $1,000


Security Wall

Keeping our children safe is important to us at Place of Hope in Haiti. We recently added a guardhouse but portions of our wall are badly in need of repair.

Our children are the future of Haiti and we want them to be able to achieve their dreams in life and live to their fullest potential.  When you donate, it will go directly to supporting our self-sufficiency efforts.

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Thank you for helping us to bring real change to Haiti!